The US warns travelers to avoid UK as long as the delta version of CO VID is rampant. The British Airways’ (BA) new flights from the US to the UK will be operated by delta airlines. This is because, in the past, the British Airways did not operate any flights from the USA to the UK with any other carrier apart from BA. This meant that the customers had to travel via other means like trains and from one airport to another. But now, the situation has changed; hence, the British Airways has decided to operate a three-day weekend and two-day short break trip fares from the USA to the UK.

In fact, long flight from the USA to the UK is now a common sight. Such is the demand for flight tickets that the airline industry is seeing tremendous growth and development in all areas. As compared to last year, the demand and patronage for flights between the USA and the UK have increased by 30% as against the same year before. The reasons responsible for this are varied, but the overall impact has been a positive one because more people have been able to take advantage of the low cost airlines in the UK and get cheap flight tickets.

The main problem faced by travelers is the lack of long flights. It’s not just for USA but also all the other European countries that have got long flights only on small carriers. This is because the infrastructure availability in the UK is far from being what it is required for long journeys. The British Airways, in collaboration with Gatwick and Stansted airports, is working hard to make available more long haul flights from the USA to the UK.

This is actually a step forward towards long-term development for UK tourism, as it is believed that the growing popularity of transatlantic flights will lead to more visitors and higher revenue for UK tourism in the future. However, the situation is not good in the short term as it affects the number of flights available on the low cost airlines. As a result, the demand has gone down considerably. Airlines are finding it difficult to cope up with this situation and some have even stopped flying to and from the UK altogether.

But there is some good news for those willing to travel to the UK this summer. Airlines have announced three new routes to be added to the already busy routes. These routes will operate between Friday to Monday inclusive of Midweek Travel. This is definitely a good sign for the British travelers who are looking forward to making their vacation memories in the UK. It will be a great opportunity for long term travel in the UK, but it might just be hit or miss depending upon your destination country. The long term effect of this whole imbroglio is still unknown.

It is bound to affect the budget airlines adversely with many of them having to reduce the services available to customers in an effort to recover costs and increase the frequency of weekend or midweek flights. For the travelers this would mean more frequent weekend breaks and extended breaks that would suit their travel style better. So far, this has been the only negative effect of the ongoing row between British Airways and Air France. There is no definite statement on whether the long term impact of these two airlines will be good or bad for the UK tourism industry in the coming year.


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